Innovation Technology Experts & Entrepreneurs Developing Solutions with Real Business Value

We believe that innovation is possible when you combine the right talent with the latest technologies. If you want to become an infinite business then you need constant innovation

At ACCÉDER we live, think and breathe innovation. We beleive that creating innovation happens by breaking molds and shifting paradigms to produce something new and better. We excel at that and we can help you to shake up your market by combining our talent with the latest technologies to design innovative and unique solutions. Through innovation, we give you the competitive edge to strength your company’s position and become an infinite player in today's new markets and business environments.

We provide you access to the latest technologies to take your company to the next level, generating new revenue streams by creating new innovative product and services. Our integrated group of entrepreneurs and best-in-class technology experts combine their knowledge to solve complex business problems or use complex technology concepts into highly effective, simple and powerful solutions. We transform your current services and products to the next generation, supported by new technologies, to secure the financial future of your company.



ACCÉDER can develop your company’s digital innovation strategy from one of world’s best digital media strategists. We can develop a sound digital strategy to increase your traffic, retain your customers, and provide a better digital experience to monetize your audience and create new digital revenue streams. We partner with Xalok to support our strategy with the best CMS technology in the market.

Lead the market, and be ahead of your competition with the ultimate digital strategy and CMS technologies.


ACCÉDER can develop you data monetization strategy to take advantage of your Big Data. We can also assist your data scientist team to develop the best predictive models possible with your available data. Update, produce, train and deploy as much predictive models you need with our powerful Model Factory Service powered by our SaaS, designed by one of the world’s best Data Scientists.

Secure your company’s future and leading edge with the power of data.


ACCÉDER is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. From its multiple business applications we’re focusing our expertise in assisting manufacturing companies to transform its operation into a Manufacturing 4.0 level. We implement a powerful combination of advance IoT devices and a cloud platform of AI algorithms to monitor, predict and optimize the machines at your production lines like you have never done before.

Learn what it is happening with your machines in real time, remotely and anticipate issues by implementing our AI manufacturing technologies.